Best 1-6 x Scope of 2022

Best 1-6 x Scope of 2022

Taking a long shot is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks a rifle must undergo. With blurry imagery, everything can go wrong. The best 1-6 scope is designed to deliver a better image and produce results.

First of all, it has military advantage available in recent times. In addition to this, its various characteristics make it stand out as one of the a top choice today.

Choosing a 1-6 scope for your rifle does not have anything to do with being a professional. Every rifle user knows that the right scope should achieve accuracy, precision and offer a definitive style. You will agree that the kind of scope one uses matters. Therefore, for shooting, game hunting or plinking, choosing the most suitable scope is as important as procuring a rifle. Indeed, rifle scopes continue to experience diverse kinds of evolutionary changes making one of more advantage than the other. As enthusiasts, the purpose of this review is to help you find your best 1-6 scope choice based on extensive research.

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Best 1-6x Scopes Reviewed

Vortex Optics Viper PST gen II SFP Riflescope 1-6×24 –VMR-2-MOA

best 1 6 scope

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Vortex Optics Viper VMR-2 is on top of the list because of its high quality and extra details added to the model. With an extra-low dispersion glass and full multi-coating, you are sure to get the best shots. The 1-6x effect on the field of view is quite generous and produces lasting impressions.

Reticle illumination is a whopping 10 tier brightness level. With this setting, therefore, the reticle may be distinguished on sunny days. Furthermore, the reticle pattern comes in two dimensions- MOA and Mil-Dot (also called MRAD). Based on your preference then, either gives matching turrets which are only natural. In other words, the MOA or MRAD models are used only on 6x magnifications. The advantage of reticle illumination is solely to maintain image appearance.

Vortex Optics Viper PST has internal adjustment settings that ensure a wider scope of range (46RAD/160MOA). This efficiently determines ranges, holdovers, and moving targets as well as windage corrections. They are such that you don’t run out of adjustment scope per shooting time.

Eye relief of 3.8 inches enables vast recoil rounds. With a one year warranty, this product remains on top of the list delivering sturdiness and dependability.


  •    Illuminated dot provides bright daylight advantage
  •    Durable warranty on the product
  •    The illumination dial has 1-10 indicators
  •    Dual options for MOA and Mil-Dot
  •    High-quality glass and thicker lens coatings
  •    A matching reticle as well as turret adjustment knobs


  •    Turrets may stiffen
  •    Maybe heavier

 Primary Arms 1-6x 24 SFP Rifle scope (Gen 111) with illuminated Chevron ACSS 300BLK

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What makes this product a choice pick is a “combined sighting system reticle” feature. Every Primary Arms model including the illuminated Chevron ACSS has one. This feature is instinctive and intuitive. You would think the model had a mind of its own. Consequently, it is perfect for amateurs.

Apart from catering to new or inexperienced shooters, the inbuilt sighting system has the most advanced system – bullet drop compensation technology. Therefore, the wind hold enables you to track and secure fast moving targets across a vast range. An auto-tracking effect if you like.

In addition to these, the scope is capable of functioning in various light conditions. The unique 11-level brightness set up sees to this while making extremely low light conditions of less concern. Also, the waterproof feature keeps the user going under unfavorable water conditions including rain or drizzle.

The scope has a construction build of anodized aluminum making it both lightweight and easier to handle. Batteries alongside a flip-up lens cover come with the total package.


  •    The scope is designed to handle both sides and compensate for subsonic as well as supersonic loads
  •    Possess high-quality clear glass
  •    Unique sighting scope makes it suitable for both amateurs and professionals
  •    Lightweight
  •    Brightness ensures use in poor light conditions
  •    Comes with extra batteries and flip-up lens cover
  •    A reasonable manufacturer’s warranty
  •    6x power applies for extra magnification when taking further away shots


  •    Brightness settings 9-11 may have the tube glowing red.
  •    Flip-up caps sometimes are flimsy   
  •    Battery life tends to wear off after only a few hours

Vortex Optics V iper PST Gen II 1-6x 24- VMR-2 –MRAD

best 1 6 scope

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VMR -2-MRAD follows the symphony of long-distance shooting and high ranging abilities. To this effect, the second focal plane reticles are placed by the scope’s eyepiece. So, the eyepiece is right behind the magnifying lenses hence maintaining a real-time appearance of the image.

The Vortex VMR -2- MRAD employs a swift focus eyepiece that works to adjust and fixate on the reticle. A fiber optic rotation indicator ensures turret position. Its reduced low dispersion glass secures resolution and color conformity. The body has carefully applied Armotek coatings; protecting the lens from dirt or grease while giving the apparatus great working conditions. This scope combines functionality with affordability to let the user enjoy the ultimate 1-6x experience.

Optics has XD lens elements which increase resolution as well as improve color contrast. First focal plane functions for sub-tensions maintenance with the power of accuracy. General body build also follows aircraft grade aluminum with anodized finish. Subsequently, its tubes are embedded with argon gas that keeps the scope of working in fog or adverse water conditions. The shockproof design of this scope is very much of an advantage against impact and recoil.


  •    O-ring seal and argon fusion that makes it waterproof and fog proof.
  •    Extra-low diffusion glass increases resolution and color contrast exponentially.
  •    Optic fiber rotator for turret positioning and tracking.
  •    Ideal scope for close to long-range shooting.
  •    Turrets employ bullet drop technology with etched laser effects.
  •    Features 10 intensity setting with off sub-positions.
  •    XR multicoated lenses amplify light transmission.
  •    RZR zero stop for elevation set up.
  •    Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  •    Second focal plane reticle
  •    One piece 30mm tube for alignment and better visual performance.


  •    Capped turrets appear to be stiff.

Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 1-6x 24 Second Focal Plane

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Vortex Optics Razor series is one class of the quality products of Vortex. Optics Razor is suitable for long-range shooting across 500 -1000 yards mostly. This amazing shot power is added to the resilient ED prime glass; clear and crystal. Furthermore, image quality is top notch, the lens is multi-coated and has an Armorteck finish. It also comes with a single piece 30mm tube of aircraft grade.

Reticles on the Razor are either MOA or Mil-Rad. Both are a perfect match for targets at longer distances. They use the L-TEC turret system to tune directly on targets making it a phenomenal choice for long-range shooters. What’s more, it uses the BDC red dot tech, and the 1x feature can be used with both eyes open.

Like other Vortex scopes, it is sealed with dry argon and has a shock resistance of about .50 calibers. This scope comes with 11 illumination dials with off positions which allow you to select your preferred set up.


  •    Warranty is second to none
  •    Hard anodized finish
  •    Ideal for long range shooting
  •    Fast focus eyepiece
  •    Waterproof and fog proof
  •    Capped windage for better performance
  •    VIP unconditional lifetime warranty
  •    A fully multi-coated optical system
  •    Easy to adjust and mount
  •    Apochromatic objective lens for color balance
  •    11 illumination dials with off positions
  •    Highly rugged scope with optimal performance


  •    It is a bit heavy for some users

Monstrum Tactical 1-6x 24 First Focal Plane Rifle Scope with Illuminated BDC Reticle

best 1-6 scope

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This scope is of great quality and super affordable. It works for close range shots and long range. The special features follow a design of the first focal plane which is up to 400 yards and more. Other features include an etched reticle that works visibility at night and in low-light conditions. Therefore, there is no such thing as a light shortcoming with this scope.

Alongside the lens is a clear glass lens cover which secures the lens from external effects which may cause damage. Its 30mm tube is constructed from aircraft aluminum metal that keeps it in great shape in spite of continuous use. In addition, the tube comes with tightly sealed nitrogen to ensure total waterproof and fog proof conditions.

The Monstrum 1-6x scope have resettable zeros and secure turret locks. Outside eyepiece diameter is 41mm. Here’s the fun part: the equipment comes with Pica tinny scope rings, honeycomb filter sunshade, cleaning cloth, a felt string carrying bag and a battery. To illuminate the scope, the battery comes in handy with its availability in black, flat dark earth or dark metallic earth. Also, the eyepiece is adjustable to accommodate various eyeball types.


  •    Eye relief of 4-4.5 inches
  •    Highly functional first focal plane reticle
  •    Dial controlled reticle illumination set up available in both red and green light intensities
  •    Well protected lens
  •    The package comes with extra features to keep the scope in perfect working conditions
  •    30mm tube with a nitrogen purge for water and fog resistance


  •    The scope may be heavier than other models

Millet Tactical BK81624 Designated Marksman



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The 30mm aluminum tube scope is famed for its locking feature. It is such that an exposed target turret is secure with 11 dial brightness setting. 1x scope operates by acquiring targets with both eyes open even at low power conditions. Note that the .223/5.56 calibration of the caliber enables it to shoot over 500 yards.

As a side note, the objective lens is multi-coated to deliver the sharpest images. You will find that the BCR-1 reticle on this scope is more effective than bigger ones. One of the most gratifying features on this equipment is the uncapped turrets making locking it possible.

The reticle is quite the charmer and comes with options from dim to very bright. Additionally, there are ranged BDC marking on the reticle. Total package has extra flip up caps. The scope is definitely great for users suffering from Astigmatism when compared with the regular red dotted ones. Underneath the turrets are plastic rings to keep them locked and prevent incessant turning. Bear in mind that turrets twist effortlessly if left too loose.


  •    Package includes extras (batteries, elastic cover, flip ups, etc.) for the total well being of your scope
  •    Turret unlock feature is easy to operate
  •    Water and fog proof


  •    Scope seems a bit heavier to handle
  •    A little distortion is noticeable at 1x

Primary Arms 1-6x 24 SFP Rifle Scope (Gen III) with illuminated Chevron Center ACSS 5.56\ 5.45\ .308 reticle

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This particular design is very fast; covering 300-800 yards. Suitable for 308 rifles with a hard anodized body. The second focal plane feature has the reticle size accurate at all magnifications. Thus working swift acquisition at low power conditions as well as advanced reticle functionality in 1-6x levels.

ACSS reticle; the ACSS reticle is bullet drop compensated for 308 Winchester. The reticle is partially illuminated but fully etched meaning you may continue to use your scope after the battery dies out. At close range, the scope works like a red dot. The target lock for long range works the same even at unknown distances.


  •    Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty covers defects and workmanship
  •    Generous eye relief
  •    ACSS tech is an added advantage
  •    Suitable for users on a budget
  •    The reticle is edged on the scope


  •    Turrets are covered, users have to unscrew
  •    There is no “off” dial between intensity selectors

Primary Arms 1-6x 24 SFP Rifle Scope (Gen III) with Illuminated Chevron ACSS 300BLK\ 7.62 x 39 CQB Reticle

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The scope is one of the greatest 1-6x scopes because of its advanced optics designs for CQB (close quarters battle). However, it works perfectly for medium ranges too. With Advanced combined sighting system, this scope is apparently intended to improve time on target and also deliver. To sum it all up, its bullet drop compensation makes it a scope in a class of its own. As a result of BDC, it is suitable for tactical use, competitions as well as hunting.

A battery (Lithium CR2032) powers the scope to illuminate the center reticle. Therefore, you can use the 12 dial brightness setting to obtain clearer images. This is located on the left side of the tube. Its robust battery design keeps it strong for a long time. The scope is well protected against adverse weather conditions – fog proof and waterproof. Worthy of mention are the inclusive package including flip-up lens cap, range finding calibration, etc.


  •    Waterproof and fog resistant
  •    A great choice for serious shooters and military personnel.
  •    Comes in a compact size that is easy to handle
  •    Its second focal length offers impeccable target lock at a 1-5x magnification power
  •    Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


  •    Higher illumination may give red light feedback

Long range shooting as a hobby or source of livelihood comes with its own challenges. Obtaining a rifle should then be combined with learning how to make long shots. With it, any distance from 300 and above will be easy and perfect.  Once you have mastered the art of making great shots, it’s a great time to obtain an optic. Remember that it will not make up for any inefficiency on your part. It is as good as you can use it. Happy hunting!

What To Consider When Buying A 1-6x Scope

best 1 6 scopeWhen we talk about 1-6x scopes, we’re talking mid-range to long ranges. This simply means that they’re capable of covering close, medium and long ranges. The thrill of taking shots from afar cannot be sufficiently described; some shooters will say it’s more than just a good feeling. Long range shooting will very much vary from person to person. Is it 100 yards? 200 or even a thousand? At these ranges, scopes perform wonders but are they even specified for long range?

At a few yards, some calibers tend to grow weak in their functions. While it is certainly hard to give a definitive definition of “long range,” a primary understanding should suffice. So, one way to define is the point where iron sights begin to wear out or thin off thereby making it difficult to shoot. For some shooters, the 300 mark is probably the last point. Therefore, making 300 the kickoff point for long range shooting is only fair.

What then is a long range scope? A long range scope is one that hits 300 yards without stress and will go farther than this mark. To go farther, you need a scope that has such capabilities. For this same reason, you should have a scope power of 10, great parallax focus and a BDC reticle.

Before You Make a Choice

While it is delightful to choose the finest for your rifle especially for maximum output, there is a bit of background information you should also keep in mind. The 1-6 scope generally provides an all-around scope of the environment you find yourself in; competitions or tactical situations. 1-6 scopes are famous for their powerful optical capacity and the short – long range engagement. There are quite a number of 1-6x scopes in the market. As you surf around the market for scopes, you will find different models for different guns. The diverse selections become increasing difficult to choose from as rifle scopes are made according to minimum to maximum magnifications. With this review, you will be able to simplify your search and find one that best suits your needs.  Before making a choice, you may want to look out for the following.

The Lens

This is one of the most fundamental parts of a scope. In addition to the scope build, the lens delivers quality and a fine-tuned image of any target.  A good lens should be coated to withstand adverse effects such as scratching and ensure light transmission and maximization. Also, their lenses must tamper down the harshness of reflecting light that can disturb the precision of a shot.


1-6 scopes are made up of aircraft aluminum grade materials. This substance ensures light weight and robustness. The construction follows compactness such that the scopes may be used on high caliber rifles and go on for lots of rounds. On high caliber rifles, for example, the scope construction should entertain shock absorption without disrupting the standard zero setting.

Construction should also see to a sturdy mounting system. It should also include resistance against corrosion, water resistance, etc.


Users often misplace the role of magnification for what the objective lens should do. A fundamental consideration for anyone in search of scopes must be level of magnification. Note that, it is not the only feature that will determine a better shot.  

Some scopes have fixed power and others are flexible; hence their variability. Fixed power will be 5x15mm while variable power will be 5-15x35mm. When deciding on the magnification power of your scope, you must consider intent. For example, scopes intended for hunting purposes take a different measure in comparison to those intended for militia purposes.

There are also night vision scopes. You may refer to them as special as they combine the function of both variable and fixed scopes. As the name implies, they are used for shooting at night and even at day time when the amount of light entering the lens is not enough to secure a target. On the downside, they are quite pricey and bulky to handle.

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Eye Relief or Eye Box Allowance

As the name implies, this space is the area covered by the eyes. It is where the shooter can see the full range of the area. Essentially, 1-6 scopes are used for tactical ops; a wider eye box is required because of swift utilization.

1-6 scopes have a rather munificent eye relief system thus giving convenience while mounting. Furthermore, with 1-6 scopes the odds of the ocular bell slamming into your eye after every shot is absolute zero.

Lens Coatings

Multi-coatings is very much a common feature amongst 1-6x scopes. It is part of what makes them the very great. Lens coatings are treatments that function to help keep glare, mirage, dirt, grease and external substances in check. Some of these are able to filter light hence fine-tuning the image.

For instance,

  •   Coated lenses have one coating on the lens
  • Full coatings on lenses are on the outside of the optical surface and have only a single treatment.
  • Multi-coated lenses have multiple layers of treatments on the objective lens and glass inside the scope.

Each category of lens coating is reflective on image quality as well as the quality of the scope. However, you may come across multi-coated optics with a bad result. To avoid this, check the glass; if the glass of low quality, no amount of coating can make it better.

Focal Plane (Reticle)

Reticles have a whole lot of variance and choices all come down to preference. Some of these scopes use illuminate reticle while others don’t. One man’s food is another’s poison. Depending on preference then, a compact or more complex reticle should suffice.


1-6x scopes provide weather protection. This singular effect makes them worthy investments. You will certainly be taking your equipment out of the normal scope. Each condition is subject to wetness, dryness or heat. Weather protection in this fashion increases the longevity and durability of your scope. In addition to weatherproofing, many scopes are nitrogen or argon-purged to prevent fog or damage inside of the lens.

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What Do These Numbers Mean?

Great question. All 1-6x scopes have numbers behind their models. The numbers are not there for no reason. They represent the number of times any viewed image may be magnified. That is, how close it will appear more than the naked eye reveals. The last number represents the objective lens diameter in millimeters. Generally, a larger magnification range expresses versatility.

Therefore, you should expect that 1-6x scopes offer a magnification range between 1 and 6. Okay, let’s understand this. When you place your eyes on the scope to view through, a distant image is enlarged or magnified. Thus, it appears closer to you providing an avenue for accurate shots. You may even regard them as binoculars with special features.

At a magnification power of 1-6x, the minimum range to which an image can be magnified will be 1 and the maximum 6. The 1-6x scope comes in different ranges of course, but the most popular and readily available are the 24mm scopes. As a result, they are known to be fast, intuitive, great for target tracking and ideal for long-range shots.

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