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Between its extreme ruggedness, low cost point, and simplistic design, the AK-47 is easily one of the most powerful and deadly weapons in today. The AK-47 has become one of the most famous assault rifles in the world. The best scope for AK-47 can make your weapon that much better. Known for its use by The Soviet Union and the fact that it is nearly indestructible, people seem to be incredibly intrigued by this weapon.

While AK-47s are known for their power they also have a reputation for not being particularly accurate. Shooters will find that it isn’t the easiest to achieve repeatable and dependable precision at times with this rifle. In fact, AK-47s often perform better in close-range combat rather than long-range engagements.

We’re going to let you know why getting a scope for your AK-47 is a good idea, what to consider when buying one, and we’ll share with you a few of our top picks for the best scope for AK-47:

RankingImageProduct scope for ak 47Nikon 16380 Black Force1000 Matte Illuminated SpeedforceCheck Price
2.Bushnell AK91424 AK Optics 1-4x24mm Rifle ScopeCheck Price optics for ak 47UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster ScopeCheck Price scopes for ak 47Vortex Optics Crossfire II 1-4x24 Second Focal Plane RiflescopesCheck Price
5.Burris 200437-FF MTAC 1-4x24 Scope with FastfireCheck Price

Best Scopes for AK 47’s Reviewed

Nikon 16380 Black Force1000 Matte Illuminated Speedforce, 1-4×24

best scope for ak 47Nikons are known for their quality and strong build so it’s no surprise that the Nikon Black Force 1000 is on the list as one of the top scopes for AK-47s. This scope is affordable and functional and has a lot of features that are usually only found in higher-end optics. Going along with its coined “speedforce” name, this scope is sure to deliver speed and of course, repeatable precision, nailing ranges that would have otherwise been challenging with an AK-47.

When using an AK-47, ruggedness is probably a top factor for your choice in scopes due to the fact that this type of rifle usually takes quite a beating. The Black Force 1000 has an incredibly rugged construction which is great because the last thing you want is to need to baby your scope when lugging around an already bulky AK-47.

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Bushnell AK91424 AK Optics 1-4x24mm Rifle Scope with Illuminated Kalashnikov Reticle, Matte Black

best optics for a ak 47This Bunshell is going to make you a better long-range shot for sure, improving your precision with ease which we all know is not typical for an AK-47. Using the fast focus eyepiece to increase efficiency, you’re going to save time and be able to move more quickly when firing.

A couple things to consider that might deter you from the Bushnell are the mounting options and its use of the standard eye relief. Because the eye relief is not the best on the market, this is going to affect the way you mount your scope and may end up with the user sacrificing comfortability.

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UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

best optics for ak 47The BugBuster is one of the most popular scopes for the AK-47 on this list. It has a reputation for being extremely sharp and built with durability in mind. The scope can withstand a lot of shock and will be long-lasting in various weather conditions being that it is waterproof and fogproof.

The resettable and locking turret option on this scope will help make the most precise windage and elevation adjustments without any worry of slipping. As for the reticle, it has the illumination option and simple to use crosshairs. Another great benefit is how compact and lightweight this optic is for the amount of magnification it is capable of. This is probably the best optics for AK 47 on this list if you are just beginning and/ or on a budget. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Vortex Optics Crossfire II 1-4×24 Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

best scopes for ak 47Vortex Optics is a U.S. based company that prides themselves in delivering quality every single time. The crossfire II has an anti-reflective coating aiding in light transmission and makes the scope great for low light use. This optic also uses the fast focus eyepiece which saves time and effort for every shooter and is a major bonus.

The reticle on this one is in the second focal plane helping you make your shoot more accurate, but this is a personal preference. Second focal plane reticles are not ideal for every user. Also built extremely rugged it is made from aircraft grade aluminum and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Adding to that it is also a shockproof scope keeping your eye safe from recoil when in use. The crossfire 2 is most ideal for hunting scenarios.

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Burris 200437-FF MTAC 1-4×24 Scope with Fastfire (Black)

best scope for a ak 47The Burrus MTAC’s generous eye relief allows shooters to be aware of their surroundings while its large, illuminated reticle allows your eye focuses on the center dot quickly and efficiently. This helps so that the shooter can reduce time spent getting on target and allows you to find your shot immediately after bringing the scope to your eye. The scope is going let you perform repeatable precision at each magnification point. The reticle also has 10 luminosity settings for customization.

Additionally, the scope is simple to mount and can easily be set to zero. The glass on this one is impressively clear and extremely bright making this scope a great value for the money spent.

But before purchasing this scope you should consider what you’re using your rifle for because it is not the most ideal for long range shooting. This optical is also extremely durable and will not add a lot of weight to your rifle while still aiding in precision accuracy so it performs best for combat, competition, and law enforcement

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What to Consider When Purchasing A Scope For Your AK47

Choosing a scope can be an intimidating process, not to mention an expensive one so you want to make the right decision the first time around. It can be difficult to know what is best for your rifle especially if you’re new to the game. There is a lot of jargon that is used when discussing scopes which can be off putting but we’ll do our best to simplify things for you.

There are many characteristics you can take into account when researching scopes. Later, we will touch on a few other aspects of scopes that may influence your decision. But, for now, to keep things simple we’re going to focus on four main categories for now.

The top four things you may want to consider when choosing the a scope for AK-47s is your:

  1. Reason for use
  2. Weight and size
  3. Magnification
  4. Accuracy

Reason for Use

The reason you’re using your AK-47 is going to play a hefty part in deciding what type of scope you might want. There are a lot of reasons you may be using your AK-47 but the most common is likely either short-range, long-range, combat, or competition.

Naturally, there are scopes that will serve certain needs better than others. Some scopes are more ideal for extreme long-range precision due to their magnification capabilities, others may be more rugged which is ideal for combat rather than shooting for pleasure. What you need your rifle for will make or break your decision on buying a scope for your AK-47 because it will help you know what other characteristics would make your rifle perform the best.

Weight and Size

Weight and size are an important factor when considering a scope for an AK-47 in comparison to other firearms. While the AK-47 has a low price point, that is because the materials it is made from are inexpensive and heavy.

You may be holding or carrying your AK-47 for long periods of time if you aren’t using it recreationally and sporadically. If this is the case, buying a scope for your AK-47 that adds more weight to an already incredibly heavy rifle is the last thing you want to do. Choosing an optic that is light and more compact will likely be a major player in your decision when purchasing a new scope.

However, do keep in mind that weight and size will factor in on other decisions in choosing a scope for example the objective lens size and tube size is generally better when larger, but they also add weight to your scope. You’ll notice that some of these factors to consider will cross over and effect each other making the decision a little bit harder as you may have to compromise in certain categories in order to get what you want in a different category.

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Magnification is what allows you to see your target even in extreme long-range scenarios. There are a lot of reasons people choose to mount scopes to their AK-47s but magnification capabilities are likely at the top of that list. Higher magnification proficiency is typically ideal because the farther you can see, the more likely you’ll be able to hit your long-range shot. This helps the shooter easily acquire their target but as magnification increases so does price.


Accuracy is important for obvious reasons, i.e. it’s the whole reason you’re getting a scope in the first place. The fundamental purpose of an optical is being able to magnify far away targets so that you can increase your accuracy and make the shot with confidence. This might be the most important factor when choosing a scope for your firearm.

Why You Need A Scope for Your AK-47

Let’s jump right in. Scopes are a great addition to any gun because they improve versatility and range. But scopes are even more important for an AK-47 than the average rifle if you plan to use it for long-range shooting at all. Again, AK-47s are known to not be the most precise of guns.

Sure, they’re simple to use, incredibly durable, and they are cheap which is what draws a lot people to them – but the fact of the matter is if you want to start long range shooting with your AK-47 you need a scope to be accurate. Your scope is going to improve your precision. With the help of a good scope, a shooter can hit their desired target with a low-quality rifle.

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Other Factors to Consider to Find the Best Scope for Your AK-47

No previous scope experience: Naturally there are some scopes that are designed in a more user-friendly manner. These are going to be the best for users who are new to shooting and optics as they will be easy to understand, install, and operate.

Too much previous scope experience: If having no previous experience using a scope is a factor in your buying decision, so is having a little too much experience with scopes. As you get used to using optics and know exactly what you like and what you don’t like you’ll find that you are going to be looking more towards scopes that are more customizable and can give you everything you’re looking for rather than being a bit more simplified.

Price: If you have an AK-47, price probably already is a deciding factor for you. AK-47s are known for their attractive price point so I would imagine you’re going to want a scope that is similarly priced. This may be another major factor in your decision. But, generally speaking it goes without saying that the more a scope costs the more likely it is better in quality.

First or second focal plane: First focal plane (FFP) or second focal plane (SFP) reticles may matter to you when choosing your scope. There are benefits to both but some prefer one over the other. The difference here is that in SFP the reticle appears the same size at all magnification levels while FFP’s reticle size will change as the magnification changes. FFP is usually the preferred choice if you will be adjusting your magnification often.

Objective lens size: When your objective lens size increases it also allows your glass to gather additional light. This is important because it gives you a bright picture for you which is important in low light conditions especially. While it sounds like bigger is always better this is not necessarily true since as the lens gets larger, so does its weight. The glass used in objective lenses can get pretty heavy, so you have to decide if you’d rather have a brighter picture and a heavier scope or a photo that is not as bright and light and easy to carry optical.

Tube diameter: As you tube gets bigger you are able to transmit more light. What that helps with is giving you more adjustments for windage and elevation but as you go up in tube sizes, you’ll also go up in weight. So, again, this is a decision between weight and quality.

Durability: Durability is going to be a big one here for most people with AK-47s due to the main reason they are usually used which is combat or other harsh environments. AK-47s are known to be able to withstand anything you throw at them. If you’re using a gun with that type of ruggedness you will want a scope that is up to par so that it can last as long as your firearm will. Plus, even if you were not planning on using your scope for anything too crazy since you are going to be spending a decent amount of money on it, you’re going to want it to last.

Clarity: Clarity matters when choosing the an optic for your AK-47 because without clarity, the use of your reticle nearly goes out the window. Clarity is going to make sure that you see what you need to see, and you are able to use your scope the way it was intended to be used. This is the factor that helps you use your cross hairs, have sharp aim, and reliably hit your target and with ease.

Eye relief: Eye relief is the distance from the surface of your eyepiece that you can still have a full viewing angle. This will affect how you mount your scope. If you have a generous amount of eye relief it will be easier to mount your scope because it can then be placed at a position on the rail without compromising a comfortable shooting stance for firing.

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Final Thoughts

So, what’s the answer? Is there one that wins out overall? Well, when choosing your optic there are quite a few factors that aid in that decision, but overall the decision is going to be different for every shooter. Afterall, the effectiveness of a scope depends entirely on the quality of that person’s rifle and on what they plan to use their firearm for. Since this is going to vary between each person, what works for one person might not work for the next.

But to make the most informed decision for purchasing a scope the best thing to do is research, research, research. You’re off to a good start reading this article but I encourage you to continue reading in depth reviews from sources you trust.

Another thing that is necessary before purchasing an optic is checking out the product’s customer reviews. Knowing what real users think of the tool after getting it home can give you some really useful insight in choosing your optic.

But most importantly, consider what your individual needs are before deciding on an optical. Since this will affect all of the other components you have considered, your intended use should be the one main thought you keep in mind when choosing the a scope for your AK-47.

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