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There are many concealed carry holsters which permit holders may choose from – some go for style and fashion, others for durability and performance.  The important thing to know is that there is a best concealed carry holster on the market for everyone.  

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The best concealed carry holster allows for a permit holder to carry their firearm while it remains concealed.  Most people are familiar with gun holsters looking like those on the belts of law enforcement officers. The gun holsters which law enforcement officers use are not concealed carry holsters.  Why not? Well, a person can actually see the holster and gun. A concealed carry holster differs from regular gun holsters in that it allows the person to still carry their firearm but someone looking at them will not know due to the fact that it is “concealed.”

This article is not meant to explain the laws and regulations of a concealed carriers permit.  Each state has their own policies and guidelines. That would be an entirely separate article to cover.  Rather, this article is meant to assist current concealed gun permit holders to identify a concealed carry holster which will allow them to efficiently and comfortably carry their firearm in an inconspicuous manner.  

A short disclaimer is that this article is only intended for legal concealed carrier permit holders.  If you are not a concealed weapon permit holder there is sufficient information available online where you can find out how to apply for and obtain such a permit.  Again, the rules and regulations differ greatly among states so no advice of how to apply for or obtain such a permit can or will be offered in this article.

There are numerous ways which a permit holder can carry their concealed firearm.  Options include the outside-the-waistband (not really concealed but still a preferred method for some carriers), inside the waistband, shoulder, ankle, pocket, small of the back, appendix, and belly bands.  That’s a lot! Not to mention that there are other things to consider such as the retention level and whether or not that a holster has the capabilities of having the retention adjusted.  

So, which one is best?  Like a lot of things in life, that will differ depending on the person.  We all have different shapes, sizes, heights, and ability to carry weight throughout different areas in the body.  For instance, one person may prefer wearing their concealed gun holster around their ankle to not interfere with their mid-section while another person cannot take more than five steps with one across their ankle when they can no longer take it.  

This will likely take some trial and error for you until you can find which method best suits you.  If you have friends who are concealed gun permit holders then you may want to ask if you can try on their holster to get an idea if it’s comfortable for you or not.  Or, you can read this article and get a good sense of a number of different concealed holsters which are available as well as general information about each option.

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A couple variables a person should take into consideration when identifying the right type of concealed gun holster is that it should be comfortable and have the ability to keep your gun concealed from public view at all times.  If you’re “somewhat comfortable” with a concealed gun holster and can wear it for the majority of the time but have to bring out the gun and set it somewhere for some relief every now and then, that is not the holster for you.

It is recommended that you find a concealed gun holster which is comfortable and wear it continuously, except sleeping of course, for approximately a week.  After that initial week it should become second nature and more than not you don’t even notice or think about having the concealed firearm attached to your body.

A lot of concealed carrier permit holders have identified a number of different ways and concealed gun holsters to use as the one they will choose at any given time will depend upon a number of variables.  For instance, a person may use one type of concealed carrier holster while they are at work because of the work attire and then switch to another type of holster in the evening when they get home once they change clothes.  It may best suit their outfits to wear a concealed gun holster around their waist at work but around the ankle in their personal life. Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one holster and one way of wearing it.  If it is comfortable and adequately conceals the firearm from public view then those are the two primary characteristics of a good concealed gun holster.

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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Holster for You:

1. Concealment

Obviously, what is the point of having a concealed carrier permit if everyone knows that you are carrying?  It also provides for other benefits. A person who wishes to do harm is not able to sneak upon you and steal your firearm and use it against you and/or others in the vicinity.  However, the best reason for concealment is that some members of the general public are just very uncomfortable around firearms. One of these people may see a person, who is not a law enforcement officer, with a gun and immediately call the police thinking “they are up to no good.”  Remember, a lot of members of society still attach guns to evil; even though you could be the one to save their life!

2. Drawing

Like a law enforcement officer pulling their firearm from their visible holster, a good concealed gun holster should allow the carrier to easily and quickly draw their firearm.  A reason a lot of people have a carrier’s permit is that they may need it when they least expect it. This is a lot different from taking a rifle to the shooting range for an afternoon of target practice.  A permit carrier having to draw their firearm in a public place will likely be required to do so because of a life and death situation.  

The best concealed carry holster should allow for you to have a complete grip on the firearm while allowing you to release all retention devices.  It should take very little time and effort to draw your firearm and obtain aim. Try on a concealed gun holster and draw it 15 or 20 times. It should feel the same each time while providing for ease of aim.

3. Retention:

This is an important variable to consider.  Don’t get so hung up on it being comfortable and having an ease-of-draw that you don’t consider retention.  Rather, don’t go for a holster which has so easy of a draw that the firearm comes out of the holster with no to very little retention.  Retention devices will vary from holster to holster. If you’re not familiar with what “retention” is, simply put, it’s what keeps the gun in the holster.  

Like law enforcement officer’s holsters, there are unique retention devices which must be released prior to the firearm being released from the holster.  A retention device can be something as simple as a thumb break. Again, each carrier’s comfort level of what an adequate retention device varies, so this article cannot offer any advice on that matter.  This article will mention that those concealed gun holsters which lack proper and adequate retention devices will likely not retain the weapon properly under strenuous or even normal activities. This could lead to the firearm coming dislodged and falling out or even being discharged.

4. Re-Holstering

A good concealed gun holster should have the mouth of the holster remain open whenever the gun is removed.  If when you remove the gun you notice the mouth close then it’s recommended to be wary of that particular product.  This is important to ensure you have the ability to re-holster the firearm with only one arm/hand. If the mouth does not allow for easy re-holstering it will take the use of your other arm/hand for assistance.  

Also along the lines of re-holstering is to determine whether or not, when doing so, does it disengage the safety.  When searching for a concealed gun holster, try re-holstering your gun a few times to determine if it touches and/or impacts the safety device on your firearm.  Serious harm to yourself or others may occur if you re-holster your firearm and the safety is disengaged due to the re-holstering.

5. Trigger guard covering

The trigger guard should be completely covered when it is sitting securely in the concealed gun holster.  However, more important is to make sure that none of the concealed gun holster’s materials are able to get inside the trigger guard.  Even though, hopefully, the safety should/will be engaged a responsible gun owner always treats a firearm as if it’s loaded and the safety is on.  If the safety is, by accident, disengaged and materials from the concealed gun holster are able to touch the trigger then it could result in an accidental discharge.  When testing out a holder, make sure you actually move around with different movement and with various levels of force. Just because everything looks and feels fine when you’re still does not mean it will be when significant activity is involved.

6. Ability to detach from your clothing

While this isn’t related so much to efficiency and reliability, it still has an important role.  If you have a holster which when you attempt to remove from your clothing, it is difficult, it then becomes a tiresome and annoying task.  

There is an increased probability that a person will discontinue activities which cause them annoyance and/or stress.  Additionally, concealed gun holsters which do not release easily from clothing are prone to actually damage such clothing.  Think of how tight the concealed gun holster clips must be to actually support the firearm on clothing. If it does not easily detach from such clothing, then it will cause rips or other fabric tears.

7. Gender

Gender is also a factor which a person should consider when shopping for a concealed gun holster.  It’s no secret that there are body differences between the two genders. Additionally, most firearm products have been specifically designed for male customers as they are the majority gender who make such purchases.  Again, the way to determine the best concealed carry gun holster is to simply test it.  

A woman who is 5’2” may find that the concealed gun holster of her choice is the exact same product which a man who is 6’2” uses.  While the majority of concealed carrier permit owners are men, there is a growing population of women who are also becoming involved; leading to more products being tailored specifically to women.  Be on the lookout for these in the future.

The Best Concealed Carry Holster: Our top recommendations 

1. Alien Gear Holster Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster 

best concealed carry holster

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This concealed gun holster has an adjustable ride height with sweat-wicking and breathable neoprene backing.  It is custom-molded retention which allows for an excellent and snug fit. This holster comes with a lifetime warranty and even a 30 day trial period.

This offers tremendous comfort and concealment allowing for adjustability to fit the holster to the person wearing it.  The holster’s materials helps wick against moisture which ensures to keep your firearm nice and dry. The holster’s fabric covers the edges of the holster which will increase comfort if the person does decide to wear the holster directly against their skin.    It will flex to fit your unique shape but won’t deteriorate over time.

This holster is adjustable allowing you to get that perfect fit.  Ability to secure the firearm inside your waistband with a belt clip is also a good feature.  Additionally, it allows for the wearer to adjust it so the wearer can raise or lower them to the ideal height and grip of their choice; without having to use any tools.

General comments about this holster:

  • This is a perfect holster for people who are very tall.  The reviewer indicated that they have tried a number of different holsters and found them either uncomfortable or not suitable for persons of their height.  They felt like this was an extreme upgrade from having to previously resort to only being able to wear a concealed ankle holder.
  • The retention and speed of the draw is second to none.  The draw is so easy that it actually amazed them. Another good thing about the holster is that it moves with the body and remains comfortable even when you sit and crouch.  This is hard to find in a concealed holster.  
  • This is a perfect holster for persons who wish to wear their firearm in the 4 to 5 o’clock position.
  • Unlike a lot of concealed gun holsters, this holster is easy to break in.  Even after only wearing a few times it feels like others have after wearing for months.
  • Some concealed carriers may decide to actually take off their firearm and place in the glove box or under the seat when they are in the car.  However, this holster is so comfortable you may forget it’s even there when they are driving. As a result, you’ll save them time taking it off and putting it back on when entering and exiting your vehicle.
  • This holster is very well-built.  It’s easy to tell that it has been made with care and high-quality materials.

3. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry 

best concealed carry holster

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This is one of the best concealed carry holsters that goes around a person’s belly and will fit most persons.  It will stretch to fit a belly up to 44 inches. If you decided to measure for reference, make sure that you measure your hips or belly; do not measure or rely on your pant size.  This is a very soft holster and will be comfortable pressed directly against your skin.

The holster can actually we worn in multiple positions such as inside the waistband, outside the pants, cross draw, appendix, and more.  Comes with your choice of whether you prefer either a left- or right-handed draw. Another intriguing feature of this concealed holster is that it has a spare magazine pocket to keep accessories and even an optional retention strap.  However, if you don’t want the additional retention strap you can remove it if you’re a person who prefer speed of the draw over retention support.

General comments about this holster:

  • Females and users with smaller frames tend to find this holster ideal to properly conceal their firearm while not being too much weight.
  • This holster provides a pocket to hold an additional magazine.
  • When you first look at the holster you may not think it will be comfortable; however, this is not true and most people are very pleased with how comfortable it actually is.
  • The holster is lightweight and comfortable and can even be worn when you go for a run.  Many people do so, not because they fear muggers or other persons who may cause harm, but instead because of potential wildlife threats.  If it’s lightweight and comfortable enough for someone to wear it while they run, then think about how comfortable it must be for everyday use.

3. Relentless Tactical the Defender Leather IWB Holster for S&W M&P Shield 

best concealed carry holster

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This holster is made with pure bullhide leather and, even better, is completely handmade.  Absolutely no synthetic materials are used at all in the production. It fits most full size and compact handguns in a multitude of ranges.  Very sturdy and dependable as well as form-fitted for easy and effective concealment and immediate access.

General comments about this holster:

  • The leather quality on this holster is worth noting.  It exceeds something normal or average, plus it looks great and functions great, too.
  • The value of the holster is exceptional.  It’s a great bargain for its price and the quality it presents.  For sure something which won’t hurt the wallet but also make you happy you bought it.
  • While most concealed holsters have been designed for “skinny guys” or persons with smaller frames, this holster fits the larger-than-average frame.  Therefore, it is highly recommended for guys and gals who do not fit that skinny frame look.
  • Since it is made of genuine leather, it may take a little time for it to expand to contour to your firearm.  And by little we mean approximately a week. After about a week of wearing your firearm in this leather holster it should loosen up and make it easier for a quicker draw.  If you do not have the patience for this small timeframe then maybe this holster is not for you.

4. CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

best concealed carry holster 


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This holster will only fit Smith and Wesson M&P and Shield 2.0- 9MM/.40 S&W.  No light or laser attachments will fit. This is an inside the waistband holster.  It comes with an easily adjustable retention pressure and carry angle. The holster is made of .08” thickness with the belt clip being 1.5” wide (stainless steel).  Comes with a Posi-Click audible retention lock system with a built-in sweat guard.

General comments about this holster:

  • This brand may not be one of the “major players” but it may just be the best kept secret in the concealed holster community.  
  • It has two adjustable screws which allows for very easy use to set the retention setting to your specific liking.  Very easy and quick to do.
  • Some noted that they really like the audible “click” noise it makes when it’s secured.  It gives them that feeling of security knowing it has been properly placed.  
  • The included belt clip is wide enough where it won’t allow for any movement which is a good thing.
  • The holster is made of durable plastic, yet it is still very flexible.  
  • Very good price for an excellent holster.
  • Material is very light but is sturdy and reliable.
  • Some noted that they really appreciate this company as it is both made in America and is owned by a Veteran.
  • Users who have owned this holster for more than two years say that it is still as comfortable and reliable as the day they bought it.  Additionally, they have not had to adjust the retention one time. It has stayed consistent since the first time they set it.
  • Are you a person who carries your firearm on your hip as no holster was ever comfortable enough for you to wear on the inside of your waistband? This best concealed carry holster will change that.

5. Urban Carry Holsters G2: Ultimate 100% Total Concealment Holster 

best concealed carry holster

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This holster fits compact, subcompact, and full-sized firearms.  It will accommodate the majority of the popular lasers. However, the company recommends against using it with large laser/light combos due to the added bulkiness of the combination.  It will work seamlessly Viridian’s Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) system lasers. The laser will activate, which will immediately ignite the laser when the firearm is drawn from the holster and will deactivate when it is re-holstered.

General comments about this holster:

  • This holster is ideal for “larger persons” as it offers the perfect fit without any discomfort, unlike many other concealed holsters.  Another positive thing is that when you bend over the holster does not move out of place which may expose the firearm and/or allow it to drop out.
  • You can use this same holster for separate guns, different models, and see positive results for all.  This shows that it is a versatile holster with the ability to efficiently carry and conceal a number of different gun models.
  • It may take practice with any new holster to work on the quick draw.  The repetitive motion will come in a relatively short amount of time if a person is willing to invest in the time to learn. 

6. Concealed Carrier Universal IWB Holster for Concealed Carry

best concealed carry holster

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This is a right-handed concealed holster.  This holster is made out of surgical grade elastic neoprene which have air holes allowing for proper ventilation.  This holster prevents rubbing and discomfort. This company is owned by a group of Veterans that have designed this holster using their combat and military experience.   This is a universal holster which is designed to fit almost any gun.

General comments about this holster:

  • This holster is very comfortable to wear.
  • The price of the holster is very, very reasonable compared to the quality of it.  This makes it a “steal.” There’s no way that a person can find a better concealed holster for a better price.  Highly recommended for those who are seeking a budget-friendly holster.
  • The holster comes with instructions with how to cut stitching out of the holster in order to make room for larger guns.  This is a good thing for those who have larger guns but do not have the budget to purchase a higher-priced concealed carry holster.

7. Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster 

best concealed carry holster

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This concealed holster allows for both right- and left-handed draws/users.  It comes standard with sweat-wicking, breathable neoprene to keep the firearm dry at all times.  The holster comes with a lifetime warranty and 30-day trial period.  

General comments about this holster:

  • This is one of the best concealed carry holsters for individuals who are taller than average and have historically found it hard to find a concealed gun holder which provides both comfort and quick draw.  
  • Absolutely perfect for the 4 to 5 o’clock position for those persons who like wearing their firearm in one of those positions.
  • It causes absolutely no sweating whatsoever.  This is a very important factor to a lot of people who carry concealed weapons.

8. CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

best concealed carry holster

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This is one of the best concealed carry holsters but will only fit with the Sig P365.  Additionally, no light/laser attachments will fit within this holster. It is a right-handed draw holster only.  It is an inside the waistband holster which the retention level can be easily adjusted.  

There is a device which the holster boasts which makes a loud “clicking sound” when it is inserted notifying the user that it has been secured.  This product is made in the United States, has a lifetime warranty, and has a “no questions asked” return policy. This exhibits to potential buyers how positive the company is that they will enjoy their product.

General comments about this holster:

  • The fit and functionality of the holster is beyond wonderful.  
  • Many people love the sound of the gun clicking into the holster.  This is another way of letting you know that the gun has been secured properly into the holster.
  • The price for the holster was another selling factor.  The overall quality of the materials makes this holster a great option if it fits your requirements. 
  • The holster is very lightweight.  This is an extremely important factor for persons purchasing a concealed gun holster as they want it to essentially “blend” into their natural feel.  They don’t want to be reminded every few minutes that they have a gun attached to their body.
  • Even former law enforcement officers have noted how great the holster is.

9. CYA Supply C. IWB Holster 

best concealed carry holster

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This holster only fits the Glock 19, 19x, 23, 32, and 45.  As with other similar holsters, it does not allow for the user to use a firearm which has light/laser attachments.  It is a right-handed draw holster only. The holster fits inside the waistband and has features which allow the retention to be easily adjusted.  It is made with .08” thickness and comes with a 1.5” wide belt clip allowing for easy attachment and stabilization. The belt clip is all stainless steel with black powder coat hardware.  Also, it comes with an audible feature which loudly demonstrates to the user when the gun has been secured into the holster.

General comments about this holster:

  • Many people love to hear the “snap” when they put their gun into the holster knowing that they did it right and then knowing it is not going to go anywhere.
  • This holster does a much better job at concealing firearm compared to other models that are comparable.
  • It is listed at a good price for the functionality and durability.  We really do believe that you’ll get your money worth for this holster and would highly recommend it to others who are considering purchasing a concealed gun holster.

Comfort, ease of draw, and the knowledge that your firearm is secure — these are all important factors when it comes to finding the best concealed carry holster for you. It may take a few attempts to find the perfect one, but with the range of options out there, you should be able to find a holster that works perfectly.

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