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The best scope rings make you a better shooter. This is because every rifle scope needs a solid base. If your scope isn’t properly mounted, then your optics won’t be reliable.

This is why finding the best rifle scope rings and bases is so important. You need a positive recoil surface for your optics base. This allows the optics to hold up to heavy recoil and stay on target.

What does this mean for you as a shooter? It means consistency. Consistency is the name of the game in long distance shooting. A rifle is a tool to shoot farther and more accurately. Mounting optics to a rifle extends the effective range and accuracy that much more. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, however. This is why a rifle, no matter how accurate, is only as good as its scope.

Why the Best Scope Rings and Bases Matter

A scope relies on its base in turn. The best scope in the world is useless if it does not stay put. A good scope, in other words, needs a strong base to be consistent. The best rifle scope rings and bases keep your scope steady under heavy recoil. That part is very important. Shooting a rifle puts its accessories under stress. The recoil and the shock of repeated firings subject a mounted scope to great stress. Well-made scopes can handle that stress. Poorly made scopes cannot. Well-made scopes mounted on the best scope rings and the best bases can also withstand that stress. Great scopes on poor rings can’t. You will get what you pay for, generally speaking. Sometimes, however, you get less.

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What to Look for in the Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases

Well-made rifle scope rings and bases have certain qualities in common. Firstly, they are made of quality materials. Secondly, they are easy to install. Thirdly, they are compatible with your rifle’s scope. Fourth, they do not interfere with your rifle’s action. Most importantly, they keep the scope steady and on target. You don’t want to waste all the time you spent zeroing and accurizing your rifle. One round through a rifle with a poor set of scope rings will destroy all your progress. Your shots must stay on target. If your groups are consistent, then you can expect decent performance in the field or on the range. That performance is what it’s all about.

This guide contains a selection of eight of the best rifle scope rings and bases. These are important selections. Good shooting is not all about equipment. The lion’s share of good shooting is about the shooter. A great shooter cannot perform with shoddy equipment, however. Your scope must support your shooting. It should be compatible with the application. Your scope should have the features you want. Above all, your scope should make you a more accurate shooter. It can do none of these things mounted on poor rings. It must be stable to stay accurate.

Quality scope rings and base mountings matter. You cannot afford to skimp on them. You also do not have to pay a fortune to get good quality. Consider our selections and choose the best scope rings for you.

Best Scope Rings:  Warne 1″ Matte PA Rings

best scope ringsOur first pick for the best scope rings is the Warne Matte PA Rings in one-inch. These rings have several good qualities. The company says they are the strongest and most durable rings available for fixed mounting systems. A square recoil key is provided. The rings use a Torx socket clamp. This means they are very secure. The front and rear recoil keys produce a no-slip recoil surface. This produces a very secure hold. The company says these rings will fit Warne, Weaver, and mil-spec picatinny bases and rails.  Most importantly, the rings are stainless steel with one-inch tube size. They will withstand the elements and resist corrosion.

What Features Make These the Best Scope Rings?

Warne’s one-inch matte PA rings have a number of excellent features. Firstly, the stainless-steel construction is a real plus. Carbon steel corrodes much more readily than stainless steel. While stainless is not truly rust proof (any steel can corrode), it is definitely rust resistant. This means you can count on lots of useful life from the Warne rings even under adverse conditions. Secondly, the low-recoil surface produced by the square recoil key design is very important. This means you can count on these rings to keep your scope where it needs to stay. Thirdly, the rings fit a few different systems. This means that they will very likely work for you. These are good features.

Why Shooters Count These Among the Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases

Shooters who use these rings have lots of great things to say about them. They are very happy with the stainless-steel construction. Many shooters fear rust on their weapons and accessories. This is understandable. Stainless steel resists rust, of course. More importantly, many shooters find it more attractive. Do you prefer blued or stainless? You may even prefer a more exotic coating.

Shooters who have installed Warne rings also like the square recoil key design. This is crucial to keeping the scope stable. The scope will stay solidly in place, even under heavy recoil. This means your shots will be consistent because your optics will be accurate. Accuracy means consistent repeat shots.

Best Scope Rings:  Vortex Optics Hunter Riflescope Rings

best rifle scope rings and bases

Our second choice for the best scope rings is the Vortex Optics Hunter scope rings. These are solid rings that offer dependable features. First, they put the center of the scope tube 1.22 inches above the base. At the same time, the scope can be mounted to picatinny or Weaver rails. Secondly, this scope is a good choice for what the manufacturer calls “general hunting setups.” At the same time, two rings are supplied per package. Thirdly, the scope rings are made from 6061-T6 aluminum. This means they are both strong and light. This is a good combination of features. If you want a simple set of rings that offers solid performance, then these are for you.

What Features Make These the Best Scope Rings?

These scope rings offer several great features. Firstly, they are solid performers. This is important because this is all that matters to some shooters. In other words, they don’t care about what is fancy and what is not. They only want a set of scope rings that will hold their optics firmly in place. They buy simple, dependable rings accordingly. This is even more important to most shooters than a lot of shooting editors and commentators realize. Balanced against this is the need to find the right ring for the specific scope. In other words, not all rings are the same. Choose quality scope rings to enhance your shooting. You’ll shoot better with a scope that is more stable.

Why Shooters Count These Among the Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases

Shooters who have installed these rings consider several things equally important. For one thing, they love the quality construction. These are solid rings that perform well. In similar fashion, they are happy with the installation. These rings are simple and easy to install on picatinny or Weaver rails. The solid construction, in particular, gets high marks. Shooters find the 6061-T6 aluminum a great choice. In other words, they are happy with how solidly built, simple, and easy to use these rings are.  It doesn’t get much better in a simple set of scope rings. Are these the best scope rings for you? Only you can say. They are definitely worth considering in any shopping process.

Best Scope Rings:  Nikon P-Series Riflescope picatinny Mount for 1 Inch Tube

top scope ringsOur third choice for the best rifle scope rings and bases has to be the Nikon P-Series picatinny mount for one-inch tube scopes. This is a great mount with a lot to offer. Firstly, it is made in the USA. Besides this, it allows for great eye relief and will not obstruct the charging handle of your rifle. At the same time, the alloy construction means this mount is quite strong but not too heavy. Secondly, the scope is designed for one-inch tube scopes. In addition, it will work with flattop picatinny rails. Moreover, the scope is reversible. It’s a two-piece mount, so it’s reasonably flexible.

This mount works with Nikon’s P-series mounts for the AR platform. At the same time, it will fit just about any rifle with one-inch tube optics. In other words, it is designed for strength and accuracy as well as versatility. It also looks great. Nikon seems to take a great deal of pride in this.

What Features Make These the Best Scope Rings?

This mount has a number of features that make it a great choice. The Nikon name is one of these without a doubt. This is unquestionably a quality scope mount that can be used across multiple applications. The alloy construction makes it nice and light. Simultaneously, it is quite strong. This produces a durable platform that will keep your scope stable without weighing down your rifle. In the field, particularly, you don’t want a lot of extra weight holding you down. The Nikon P-Series will keep you moving while also keeping you on target.

Why Shooters Count These Among the Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases

Shooters who have selected this mount are pretty happy with it. They like the high quality overall. Nikon has a reputation for quality, so this is not a surprise. This is obviously a well-made mount that bears a quality name. In addition, users of this scope mount praise its strength and stability. We can recommend this Nikon product without reservation. If you want quality and a great name with great aesthetics and a reasonable price point, then this is the mount for you. It’s a good value and a great performer.

Best Scope Rings:  Larue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount – LT104

Our fourth pick for the best rifle scope rings and bases is the Larue Tactical LT104 QD Cantilever Scope Mount. The Larue unit has a lot to recommend it. Firstly, it has a four-inch mounting system. At the same time, it weights just 6.9 ounces. Most importantly, it has an interesting backbone connecting the split rings (which are vertical). This provides a rugged, stable platform for the optics. The factory says that this arrangement “eliminates the need for time-consuming lapping”. This is a precisely machined mount manufactured to stringent tolerances that offer steel inserts for the threads. In other words, it will work, it will last, and it will provide a stable platform for your scope. It will do this over a long, useful life. Moreover, Larue Tactical understands the demands of tactical shooters, hunters, and target shooters alike.

What Features Make These the Best Scope Rings?

Every LaRue mount is an anodized aluminum unit that started out as aluminum bar stock and was then machined with great precision. What does this mean for you? It means this is an excellent tactical mount that is strong but does not weigh too much. It is also very versatile. The design provides for excellent accuracy. Fit and finish, overall, are quite good. The durability of the scope mount translates to reliability in the field. In other words, you can rely on this scope for hunting, for tactical shooting, and for competitive target shooting. You can also use this scope mount for recreational shooting, of course. The application is your choice. LaRue will take good care of you regardless.

Why Shooters Count These Among the Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases

Shooters who use this scope mount love that it comes with mounting screws, adjusting wrenches, and complete instructions. They are very happy with the company’s reputation. This is a mount that comes with a lot of word of mouth. Word of mouth will not sell a mount by itself, however. These mounts are trusted because the company behind them knows its business. Shooters who choose this mounting system know what they are getting. They choose LaRue because they know they can count on them. Quality matters in the field, on the range, or under fire.  LaRue produces satisfied customers time and time again. This mount is among our favorites. It earns high marks from its owners.

Best Scope Rings:  UTG 1″/2PCs Med Pro LE Grade picatinny QD Rings: 22mm Wide

Our fifth selection for the best scope rings is UTG’s one-inch Med Pro LE Grade picatinny QD Rings. These are great rings for several reasons. Firstly, they are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. At the same time, they are anodized to a black matte finish. This means they are both attractive and functional, not to mention durable and lightweight. Most importantly, however, the rings feature a strong, ergonomic lock lever that allows them to be detached quickly. These are fully adjustable and compatible with picatinny rails. A synthetic tape protects the internal surfaces of the rings, which are manufactured to stringent tolerances. In other words, they offer “repeatable, positive locking”. This translates to fantastic performance and accurate, reproducible shots, even in adverse conditions.

What Features Make These the Best Scope Rings?

UTG is a well-known name. These UTG scope rings have several great features. The aluminum construction as well as the black matte finish are important. The black matte, for instance, makes the rings more covert. This is valuable to some shooters. Other shooters may consider it an aesthetic choice. Whatever the reason, it’s a good feature to have. These rings are also strong and light, which has obvious benefits. They make for a stable shooting platform for your optics without weighing down your weapon. This, together with your own skill, means you’ll hit what you’re aiming at. You must be able to do this again and again. This is what makes finding the best scope rings so important.

Why Shooters Count These Among the Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases

These rings are particularly popular with law enforcement personnel, hunters, and others who rely on the mount in the field. Shooters who use these rings are very happy with the aluminum construction. They like how durable and light the rings are. Users of these rings are also very fond of the black matte finish. This makes the rings covert and unobtrusive.  The rings also score high marks for ease of installation. UTG is a well-known brand that offers a solid product line. This is enough to sway many shooters right out of the gate. UTG offers a good value for the price overall. Shooters in the know recognize this. Count on UTG when you want affordable, durable optics mounts.

Best Scope Rings:  American Defense AD-RECON STD Riflescope Optic Mount (Black, 30 mm)

rifle scope rings and basesOur sixth pick for the best rifle scope rings and bases is American Defense’s AD-RECON STD Riflescope Optic Mount. This mount is great for a number of reasons. The most important feature is, perhaps, the fact that no special tools are needed to adjust the mount. The user can adjust the mount to finger-tight or with a flat screwdriver. By the same token, the lever can lock to the front or to the rear. The excellent clamping surface means, in the manufacturer’s words, “maximum rail engagement”. These mounts are made in the United States and intended for flattop style rifles. The cantilever design moves the scope forward to provide for excellent eye relief. Most importantly, the mount is made of 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized with a mil-spec coating.

What Features Make These the Best Scope Rings?

The company calls their lock system, which is patented, the QD Auto Lock Lever system. They say it accommodates both “in spec” and “out of spec” rail systems. This means the mount is extremely versatile. It’s also easy to adjust this mount. In the field, requiring a special tool for adjustment might mean failure. This is unacceptable. This mount, by contrast, can be adjusted by hand or with a simple flat screwdriver blade. This feature alone makes the mount worth considering. The well-thought-out design, together with the fit and finish of this nicely made unit, make it a winner. Consider American Defense when equipping your rifle with a quality scope. Great scopes need equally great scope mounts.

Why Shooters Count These Among the Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases

Users of this scope mount are very happy with it. Firstly, they give the QD Auto Lock Lever system high marks. This patented feature is versatile and secure. Shooters who have used these scope mounts praise them for their design overall. They are very happy with the ability to lock them to the front or to the rear. Every shooter is different, and every shooting application is different. If you can adjust your scope mount to suit you, then you can adjust your whole rifle platform. This just makes good sense. Why lock yourself in to a setup that is less than perfect? American Defense can equip you to your specifications and preferences.

Best Scope Rings: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount, Matte Black


Our seventh choice for the best scope rings and bases is the Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 scope mount in matte black. This mount has several good qualities. This mount is a single piece of aluminum. If you install this mount, then you will have a picatinny rail above your rifle’s receiver. All necessary mounting hardware is included. A detailed set of instructions is also included. Most importantly, the design allows for not one, not two, but three points of contact with the receiver. This produces greater stability and more reproducible accuracy and reliability. What more could a shooter ask for? This is a great mount regardless of application.

What Features Make These the Best Scope Rings?

This is obviously a mount for the Springfield M1A. This rifle is popular with many shooters. Do you shoot a Springfield? If so, this is definitely the mount for you. Other rifles may be compatible with the mount as well. If your rifle is compatible, then this particular mount is worth consideration. The picatinny rail is a great choice for many accessories. It’s also a fast way to make your rifle more tactical. Your reasons for adding this mount may differ. What all shooters who use this mount have in common is their desire to keep their optics stable. Stable optics make for accurate shots. Accurate shots mean more reproducible performance. Reproducible performance, after all, is what accurate shooting is all about.

Why Shooters Count These Among the Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases

Springfield owners who have used this scope mount like it a lot. They praise its durable construction. They also like its overall fit and finish. A scope mount of this type does not actually have to do a lot. It does, however, have to do it consistently and well. This is a precision-machined unit that holds up well to the powerful cartridge the M1A fires. That’s what an M1A shooter needs. Other shooters may find that it serves them just as well. We encourage you to try it.

Best Scope Rings:  Leupold Rifleman .22 Rimfire See-Thru Detachable Ring Mount

Our eighth and final pick for the best scope rings is the Leupold Rifleman see-through detachable ring mount for .22 rimfire rifles. This mount is especially good for rimfire rifles. It has many fine qualities. Firstly, it is very rugged. This means it is also dependable. At the same time, it is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. This means it is both light and strong. Secondly, the Leupold name counts for a lot. Like Nikon, Leupold is one of those brands that is recognized far and wide. The manufacturer has a reputation for quality and has been serving long-distance shooters for a very long time. Thirdly, this mounting system is very solid. That means you can repeat your best shots over and over again. All Leupold mounts are polished and maintained to stringent tolerances. They also fit most rifle models.

What Features Make These the Best Scope Rings?

This scope mount is both see-through and detachable (as the name obviously implies). In other words, it is very versatile. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction is also highly desirable. It won’t weigh down your rifle, but it’s strong enough to hold up to repeated firing. Recoil can take its toll on accessories even in a rimfire rifle. Do yourself a favor and install the quality of a Leupold scope.

Why Shooters Count These Among the Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases

Shooters who have installed this scope mount love that it is detachable and that they can see through it. That may seem a little on the nose, but there’s a reason it is a primary marketing point. They praise the scope mount’s fit and finish and its high-quality construction. This setup has a lot to recommend it. Rimfire shooters in particular, will find it suits their needs. The entire Leupold line is a good choice for the best scope mounts and bases. Consider Leupold’s product line when setting up your own rifle.

Shopping for the Best Scope Rings Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

There is no reason that shopping for the best scope rings should be difficult. It’s a relatively simple and straightforward process. Firstly, determine your application. What will you use your rifle to do? At the same time, ask yourself if you need a scope. Mount optics if it makes sense to do so. Secondly, choose the right scope for your application. Most importantly, make sure your scope has the features you want. Scopes are not all created equal. Some have great features, and some are more lacking. You may have preferences for the reticle, the setup, and so on. Your preferences determine a lot of this.

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Thirdly, choose the right mount for your scope. The mount depends on many factors. Your preferences determine many of these, too. Remember that you must buy quality. Don’t pay more than you have to, however. Great scope rings are available at reasonable prices.

We have profiled eight of the best rifle scope rings and bases here. Consider our list when you make your own choice. Don’t forget why you’re doing this. Your goal is to become a better shooter. That means greater accuracy. It also means greater consistency. It’s not enough to hit your target once. Optics help you hit your target again and again. The name of the game is reproducibility. Can you reproduce your best shots? Skill matters more than luck in this case.

The Best Rifle Scope Rings and Bases Make You a Better Shooter

What are your goals? Is shooting important to you? Do you consider yourself an amateur or an expert?

You might even be a tactical shooter. Lives could be on the line. Do you have the equipment you need?

Take the time to research your gear. This guide can help you do that. The eight examples of scope rings and bases we’ve provided will help you on your way. All are good choices. Not all are right for you. Which will you mount to your rifle? Does it matter?

Rifle shooters are precision shooters. Casual shooters and professional target shooters alike understand this. There is great satisfaction in hitting a target from far away. If you can do this consistently, then you have achieved a new level of proficiency. This might be a life or death matter, such as in tactical shooting. It might be a point of pride, such as in target shooting. Then again, it might just be about fun, such as plinking over long distances. Your reasons don’t matter. What matters is your results. It just makes good sense to provide a stable foundation for your optics. This creates consistency and makes you a better shooter overall. Choose the best scope rings and bases accordingly.

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