How to Level A Scope On a Rifle

how to level a scope

Prior to looking at how to level a scope on a rifle, it is prudent to make some points first. Primarily, leveling a scope to a gun is totally different from leveling a rifle during shooting. For long range precision, the latter action is highly critical. However, you can only do it using a riflescope that’s properly mounted as well as leveled to a gun. Secondly, here we aren’t leveling an optic to the eye. Rather we’re leveling to a rifle’s receiver. You stand to reap certain rewards for ensuring everything is level as well as true. Here are some of the rewards:

  • Level reticles are less distracting compared to crooked ones. They help you level your rifle before grabbing a shot
  • Aiming reticles work as tailored for shots that need the reticle to hold over
  • The elevation adjustments and scope’s windage usually track vertically and horizontally on target

How To Level A Gun Scope

The following are simple techniques that can be handy in helping you level your riflescope:

  1. Always verify that your rifle is clear and unloaded
  2. Place your rifle upright on a bipod, on a bag rest or in a gun cradle
  3. Install bottom halves or scope-ring bases on the rifle and then tighten firmly
  4. Place your scope in the rings, and then tighten firmly the scope-ring halves. However, make sure that you are still able to rotate the scope body effortlessly
  5. If present, get rid of the elevation knob cap
  6. Place a spirit level on a rifle-top surface that’s flat and time to a bore’s 12-o’clock. Rifles that do not have flats on top need creativity.
  7. Level your rifle from left to right
  8. Carefully place other level crossways at the elevation knob top thus making sure it’s flat on the knob’s top
  9. Modify your scope until the elevation knob’s top matches the rifle’s level
  10. Cautiously tighten the ring tops till they’re snug enough to firmly hold the scope. Ensure throughout this process, you keep a close eye on the levels
  11. Tighten fully the ting tops by matching the manufacturer’s recommended torque. Make you re-check all levels
  12. Shoulder your rifle and check to ensure your reticle appears level when the rifle is held upright
  13. Loosen all screws and repeat if your scope isn’t level in comparison to the rifle

You should contact the manufacturer for warranty service if you are more than positive that your scope is level but the reticle seems to be cocked to a single side. Often, this is common even with the high-end optics. The score rings with right and left ring halves have a tendency to rotate your scope’s body whenever tightened. It might help to make the scope crooked intentionally. Visit: for more information.

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